About the Artist

Larry B. Saxton, Artist

Larry B. Saxton is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, he settled in Washington, D.C. Based on an impressive portfolio, he was awarded a Ford Foundation Scholarship while attending the Corcoran School of Art, where he received the BFA degree. While at the Corcoran, Saxton studied American and European artists, and became intrigued with the works of Picasso, Matisse, and Kandinsky. Inspired by Picasso’s use of line, Matisse’s use of shapes and Kandinsky’s theories of color, Saxton explored his ideals and tried to legitimize his approach to his artwork. As he navigates different canvases, whether they are mixed media or oil and brush, Saxton continues to explore the application and interpretation of line, shape and color.
Saxton’s artwork can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the country.  Saxton and his wife Tanyna who reside in Washington, DC, have two daughters, Monica and Loren.